Retail sector

Retail stores need to make agile decisions about store performance that directly affect their expansion plans. For this reason, it is very important to have tools to measure point of sale productivity in order to identify better practices in different locations and to create the perfect store. With Flame you can objectively measure customer behaviour within stores: how many passers-by, how many enter, where they are moving, how long they are in the store, whether they are men or women, ages, etc. Very useful information that will make a difference and generate competitive advantages. Also, thanks to Social Wifi, you will be able to identify your customers and carry out personalized marketing actions based on a specific segment or behaviour. With all this you will increase sales and customers loyalty.

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Make the best decisions and get the perfect store with Flame


Make the best decisions

Retailers´ challenge is to find out what users want or need. For this, it is necessary to know how they interact at the point of sale: how and where they move. With this information stores can make better decisions based on objective data.

With Flame you will discover traffic patterns inside the store and you will be able to make optimum decisions about opening times, staff, layouts design, product placement, etc. You will improve customers experience in store and increase their loyalty and commitment to your brand.

Study and compare your stores performance

Managing several stores is not always easy because they are all different and the performance is not the same in any case. So, the ability to compare locations with each other is very important.

With Flame you will measure the main performance indicators of a store (KPIs) and you will be able to compare the ones from one store to another. This way, at a glance you will know how your locations render.

Increase sales

Not every customer is the same: they are different gender, ages, loyalty or needs. Being able to identify these customers is very important for the business and has many advantages for communication and marketing strategies.

With Flame Social Wifi solution you will be able to identify your customers and send them personalized offers based on their gender, age, loyalty level, etc. An important step with which you will increase sales and generate a more loyal clientele.

Know your stores performance,
identify best practices
and take advantage of multichannel knowledge

Increase conversion

Measuring conversion is vital to know your point of sale´s performance. There are many advantages to knowing the KPIs generated by a potential customer since he / she is a simple passer-by who passes in front of the store until he / she becomes a visitor and then a customer.

With Flame you will be able to measure the complete conversion funnel: passer-by – visit – customer. Undoubtedly, the first step to improving conversion is to measure it.

Increase your CTR

Building bridges between offline world and online world and giving 100% digital treatment to the physical point of sale is a vital action for the retail sector. Nowadays stores must treat channels as one, they must have their customers physical and digital trace with the aim of activating personalized campaigns and measure what effect the online channel has over the offline one and vice versa.

With Flame’s Campaigns module you will be able to measure how online campaigns affect on the offline world (ROPO effect) and also how offline campaigns affect on the online world (Showrooming).

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