Beyond a People Counter Sensor

Foot Traffic Analysis for an accurate and optimized business

Flame helps you accurately make foot traffic analysis at all touchpoints: external traffic (passersby), global visits, visits by plant and by zone, vehicles, and more. Consistently build conversion funnels and benchmark different locations to discover best practices and optimize staff planning.

Foot Traffic Analysis


Accurately measures footfall by hours, days, etc. Learn about the contribution of  the different access doors. Discover common traffic trends and patterns using AI. Make footfall predictions. Find out which days and times have the greatest influx. Compare different locations by absolute, relative, and date data. Measure the impact of promotions on footfall.

Monitor capacity in real time. Analyze your historical of visits and discover patterns of occupancy level. It integrates with the main manufacturers of people counting equipment and digital signage. Receive alerts when the capacity reaches a certain level. Discover behavioral trends and make optimal predictions.

Know the street traffic (passer-by) and measure the point-of-sale capture ratio.

Measure traffic by floors and zones. Analyzes and measures and conversion by zones and, also, visit duration.

Identifies gender and AI age range of visitors. 100% anonymous and aggregated data, without image storage. Measure how the profile of visitors affects conversion. Integration with content systems for dynamic adaptation according to audience profile.

Integrate or import sales data. Measure and analyze the end2end conversion funnel: Street traffic, visits, sales, etc. Measure the different conversion rates and key indicators:  Capture rate ,conversion rate, dwell time, total sales and average ticket, etc. Compare different locations by absolute data, ratios, dates, etc.

People counting

Achieve conversion improvement and Optimize sales

Occupancy tracking for better experiences and promotions

Footfall counter for more opportunities and efficiency

Discover how it works

Our proprietary technology leverages with your existing CCTV cameras and other data sources, including people counters, WiFi, and Bluetooth, treating them as a unified sensor. This enables seamless anonymous monitoring of visitors throughout the venue while prioritizing their privacy

Make the best decisions

Flame delivers the best insights through its powerful dashboard and standard API.

Connect other sources

Flame plug & play connectors integrate data from WiFi, People Counters, IoT sensors, Data Lakes, ERP, etc

Plug & Play

Flame can leverage existing standard CCTV cameras, WiFi/BLE, IoT sensors, etc.

Privacy by design

Flame does not use biometric data or store video or images.

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