Intelligent Analytics For Physical Spaces

Accurate location analytics that combines video and other data sources to maximize visitors’ value and venue’s performance


Traffic: Beyond People Counting

Accurately measure the traffic of your physical spaces in real time. Number of visits by location, by premises, by plants and zones. Traffic measures occupancy and external traffic (Passers-by). With Traffic, you make the best decisions based on objective data.

  • Total visits

  • Visits by plants and areas

  • Occupancy

  • External traffic

  • Vehicles, etc.

customer journey

Customer Journey: All about your visits´ behavior

With Customer Journey you will get a complete view of how visitors and customers move between different areas of your physical spaces and how they behave.

  • Movement flows, trajectories…

  • Dwell Time

  • Repetition rate and demographics

  • Conversion rate

  • Queue analytics, etc.

Engage: Connect like never before with your customers

Connect with your visitors and customers in your physical spaces, get their contact information and send them segmented and personalized marketing campaigns based on their location, interests, gender, age or behavior. With Engage take your marketing to the next level and get a loyal customer, committed to your business.

  • Guest Wifi

  • Segmented campaigns email, SMS, beacons, triggered…

  • SDK, etc.

Up & Running With A Plug&play & Hardware Agnostic Platform

Flame integrates seamlessly with many standard hardware types and brands as well as been integrated with the martech ecosystem.

Levereging your infraestructure, Flame can provide you with one of the lowest total cost of ownership in the market.

Why Flame?


Flame analyzes what is happening in your physical spaces in real time: traffic, presence, location… A solution that covers the entire customer journey.


Flame integrates with a variety of devices and sensors using standard integration methods, reducing or eliminating investment costs.


The product implements advanced Big Data techniques so that each client can configure a solution tailored to the size of the project.

Plug & Play

Installation is quick and easy to implement. Flame Analytics integrates with your data ecosystem whatever it is, quickly, easily and in a very agile way.

Privacy by design

We have designed our technology to keep your personal information private and confidential allowing for the best experience. For us, Privacy first

Relevant Industries We Serve

Recognized By Experts

Flame Analytics is globally trusted by most relevant advisors and independent third parties.

G2 Reports

Flame, wins several badges in the G2 Reports including the “High Performer” and Users Love us”

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Flame is a Gartner representative vendor in the Market Guide for Indoor Location Analytics

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Flame, one of the most relevant solution in the Martech Landscape Supergraphic

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P&S Intelligence

Flame a key player in the Wi-Fi Analytics Market by P&S Intelligence

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Flame Analytics, a Key Wi-Fi Analytics Market Player By Martketsandmarkets

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Data Magazine

Flame analytics was nominated as a Top Big Data Company in Spain by Data Magazine.

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Flame awarded as the best solution for SMS & emailing Platforms by the eShow

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