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    Combine off and online information and connect with your clients, segment messages and launch better deals. Technology

Flame revolution: digital analytics for the real world

Flame is a revolutionary software that helps you to better understand your customers: what they like, what attracts them and how they behave… A tool that gives you a real analytic of your space. You will optimize your business and make better decisions based on objective data.

So easy and simple


Flame captures high-value data with its own technology: IP video cameras, people counters, Wifi access points, API applications, etc. Devices that are easy and quick to install and activate (plug&play). Flame integrates the main manufacturers of the market.


Flame provides business insights through an intuitive and online platform which provides an immediate view of your business in real time. Flame gives you an intelligent, easy and very effective analytics that turns numbers into valuable information for your business.


Flame obtains useful information from customers that helps retailers to drive customer centric strategies. In this way, by combining off-line / online information, you can better connect with your customers, segment messages and launch better deals.

Whatever the sector, Flame is your solution

Flame, it’s all benefits

More engagement

Increase the level of commitment or engagement towards your brand knowing the dwell time your clients stay at the point of sale.

Manage your staff optimally

Manage your staff better by defining peak times and rush hours. Gain quality and efficiency by validating your business with objective data.

More loyalty

Flame increases your customers loyalty knowing the return rate (how many customers are new and how many repeat).

Validate your management

Validate your management with objective data: Validate your action plans thanks to Flame insights. Turn numbers into valuable information for your business.

Better experience

Find out what your customers like and offer them what most appeals to them and what they need at any given time.

Maximize profitability

Improve your conversion ratio and maximize your business profitability and efficiency. Discover with Flame Shopper funnel all the customers journey micro conversions.

Optimize layout

Optimize layout design and learn how to position your products effectively, contrasting before and after every try.

Optimize your marketing

Get the most powerful marketing tool that will allow you to connect as never before with your customers.

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