Flame Connect

Identify and connect with your customers seamlessly

  • Identify

    With Flame you will obtain invaluable demographic and contact information of your clients.

  • Connect

    You will be able to communicate with them in a segmented, personalized way and in real time, improving their experience.

  • Impact

    Increase your followers and your likes on Social Networks and optimize all your marketing actions.

How does Connect work


Onboarding can be done through the guest Wifi (the client selects the network and connects with one of their social profiles or through a form), it can be integrated with the SDK in the mobile app or in other systems through the API.


Once the client has logged-in, our brand impacts on the client and we can take advantage to inform them about our products and offers or to invite them to follow us on social networks.


We get insights of great value: data from our clients, both demographic and geographic (gender, age, postal code, birthday…) and contact information (email and telephone) that we can use in subsequent campaigns.


  • Exponentially increase your followers and your likes by connecting the wifi with your social networks (Facebook, Twitter …).

  • Flame differentiates you from your competition by offering a valuable service such as free, secure and agile Wi-Fi (no keys or passwords).

  • Create a quality customer database and increase your CRM exponentially, naturally and optimally.

  • 48% of retail professionals affirm that Wi-Fi increases customer loyalty and generates an increase in sales of up to 3.4%.

  • Facilitate your marketing actions by obtaining a database of real clients.

  • Get a loyal customer by offering a more personalized, memorable and satisfying experience.

Connect is your solution…




Shopping malls

gran distribucion

Large Retail

Real Plug & Play

Hire Connect and start connecting with your customers at your points of sale, taking advantage of the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and without installing new hardware.


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