Marketing Automation for increasing loyalty
and engagement with your clients

Wifi Marketing

Wifi Marketing to connect with your visitors and customers

Connect with your visitors in physical spaces, gather their contact information, and send them personalized marketing campaigns tailored to their location, interests, gender, age, or behavior.


Design custom connection flows. Use the best login method: Facebook, Twitter, etc. Or a custom form. Create landing pages that take the user to your website, RRSS, etc. Set the duration of the connection, language, SSIDs by zones, etc. Identify your clients: name, email, gender, age, number of visits, etc. Comply with GDPR.

Create and send email or SMS campaigns. Activate campaigns by triggers and send them at the most convenient moment. Send Push campaigns to customers’ mobile phones. Customize the onboarding process. Flame can be integrated with digital signage devices or with mobile applications through SDK to send personalized campaigns.

Flame can be integrated with mobile applications through its SDK to send custom campaigns. It allows access to the Wi-Fi network for guests without the need for authentication in the captive portal. Send personalized push messages to customer audiences according to the campaign designed from the CRM. Send push messages based on the client’s location through geofences and beacons. Receive alerts about the presence of clients and activate commercial and marketing actions.

To facilitate the management of temporary Wi-Fi access for visitors to corporate offices or company headquarters without relying on tools to control the company’s Wi-Fi network.
Authorized corporate employees (e.g., reception/visitor accreditation areas) can easily create temporary accounts for visitors’ devices, such as smartphones and laptops, to connect to the internet using a dedicated Wi-Fi network.

Designed to serve loyalty marketing and retention marketing programs, including cross-selling initiatives in shopping malls. Customers can instantly validate purchases by uploading a photo of the sales receipt using their mobile devices. Flame AI-powered OCR software matches and retrieves vendor, brand, and store information. Customers immediately receive information about the rewards they have earned based on their loyalty program profiles.

Portal cautivo WiFi

Build a high-quality customer database with our AI Marketing platform

Omnichannel tools to execute targeted marketing campaigns

Customer behaviour analysis for a better experience

By providing customers with personalized offers, you can enhance their experience, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Discover how it works

Our proprietary technology leverages with your existing CCTV cameras and other data sources, including people counters, WiFi, and Bluetooth, treating them as a unified sensor. This enables seamless anonymous monitoring of visitors throughout the venue while prioritizing their privacy

Connect other sources

Flame plug & play connectors integrate data from WiFi, People Counters, IoT sensors, Data Lakes, ERP, etc

Make the best decisions

Flame delivers the best insights through its powerful dashboard and standard API.

Plug & Play

Flame can leverage existing standard CCTV cameras, WiFi/BLE, IoT sensors, etc.

Privacy by design

Flame does not use biometric data or store video or images.

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