Data Intelligence for Shopping Malls

Improved tenant mix and customer experience

Analytics and marketing solutions tailored for Malls all over the world

At Flame we develop and implement analytics and digital marketing solutions that, thanks to big data and Artificial Intelligence, improve management and help the center to know customer behavior.

Flame HyperSensor® technology seamlessly integrates different data sources acting as one and delivering powerful insights while taking care of people’s privacy. Experts for analytics with comprehensive hardware, software, and proactive maintenance solutions.


a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior through data analysis. By closely observing preferences and interactions, you'll gain insights for better decision-making and customer-focused strategies.


and continually enhance the overall performance of the center. By employing ongoing assessment and improvement initiatives, ensure sustained operational excellence and optimal outcomes.


the client experience. Craft a personalized and seamless client experience within the mall, customizing services and offerings to cater to individual preferences and enhance overall satisfaction

understand customer behavior

Know and understand customer behavior

Measure and improve the performance of the center

Shopping center analytics
Customize the customer experience

Elevate customer experiences and increase loyalty in malls

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Flame helps you measure traffic at all touchpoints, build consistent conversion funnels, and benchmark different venues to discover hidden best practices and improve staff planning.

Customer Journey

Understand your customers' behavior by accurately analyzing their customer journey and tracking their movements and interactions across various touchpoints.


Connect with your visitors in your physical spaces, get their contact information and send them personalized marketing campaigns based on their location, interests, gender, age or behavior.

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