Terms of Use

General Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions on the use of the WiFi access services are intended to regulate such use and define the terms of access to the contents and services made available to the user through the Internet. Access via WiFi is free for users and is offered within the establishment and, therefore, on a self-service basis. Therefore, its use is subject to the terms and conditions established in this document.

The duration of the service is limited to the time in which the user is connected to the WiFi services.

The user is responsible for providing his/her own device to access the internet. The establishment does not directly supply any kind of technical or technological assistance, nor power supply.

By accessing the portal and using WiFi access the user expressly accepts these conditions.

The establishment has a bandwidth for limited internet access and, therefore, the speed of access and service reliability may vary or even obstruct internet access depending on a number of factors outside the establishment’s control, including by way of example, but not limited to:

  • The capabilities of the user’s appliance or device with a WiFi connection.
  • The quality of the WiFi signal itself depending on the location from which the user wishes to connect.
  • The number of users connected simultaneously.
  • Etc.

For this reason and since WiFi access is available through a shared network infrastructure, the user’s access to the internet is not guaranteed at all times, or continuously, securely, or free from failures. Similarly, FLAME and the establishment from which the connection to the service has been made are not responsible if the access is unstable, insecure, slow or unavailable. The establishment declines any responsibility that could arise from this.

The user hereby declares to be over thirteen years of age.

Children under this age compulsorily need the authorization of their parents and/or legal representatives in order to access and use the WiFi services. The establishment informs parents and/or legal representatives of minors that free and transparent access to the internet is provided, which allows access to content or services that may not be appropriate, or that may be prohibited for minors. Parents and/or legal representatives of minors are reminded that it is their sole and exclusive responsibility to control and decide which contents or services are appropriate for the minors under their care.

User’s obligations

The user agrees to use the WiFi access service diligently and correctly and undertakes not to use it for any activities that are contrary to law, ethics, generally accepted good conduct and/or for illicit purposes or effects that are prohibited or injurious to the rights and interests of third parties; as well as not to make any type of use that in any way may damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the service, documents, files or any other type of content stored on any of the computer equipment accessible through the internet. FLAME and the establishment from which the service has been connected disclaim any liability that may arise from any of this, to the fullest extent permitted by the legislation.

The types of traffic supported in this internet access are: web browsing, incoming and outgoing mail. Other traffic resulting from the use of software or services with additional features is limited to the service capacity at any given moment, or it may not work (video streaming, online games, etc.). P2P traffic is not allowed. By way of example, but not limited to, the exchange of contents that include the following is not allowed:

  • Material that infringes copyright which has not been not properly authorized, or that infringes any other Intellectual or Industrial Property rights.
  • Material that is offensive to the community and public morals.
  • Material that advocates terrorism, racism, or other illegal behavior.
  • Pornographic material, especially that which offends against children.
  • Materials that are threatening or defamatory or those that incite violence.
  • Illegal or illicit content of any nature.

Also by way of example, but not limited to, the user undertakes not to use, transmit or disseminate:

  • Language that is defamatory, threatening or contrary to the right to honour, personal or family privacy, or the self-image of natural and legal persons.


  • Access systems or networks of other people in an illegal way and without authorization, attempt to overcome another person’s system security measures (“hacking”), or perform any activity that could be used in an attack on a system (a port scan etc.).
  • Distribute viruses, worms, Trojans through the internet, or any other destructive activity.
  • Distribute information about the creation or transmission of viruses over the internet, worms, Trojans, flooding, email bombing or denial of service attacks
  • Creation or management of botnets.
  • Activities that interrupt or interfere with the effective use of other people’s network resources or the performance of spamming.
  • Make fraudulent use of the IP address provided for each access.
  • In any other way that is contrary to, disparages or undermines fundamental rights and public freedoms recognised in the Constitution and in international treaties.

FLAME and the establishment from which the service has been connected reserve the right to cancel and/or block the service immediately, and without prior notice, in the case of detecting uses of the service in breach of the provisions of this clause.


The user accepts and understands that access and use of the Wi-Fi internet access portal is his/her own responsibility. FLAME and the establishment from which the user has connected to the service do not assume any responsibility regarding the uses made of this service, or the data or information transferred from the internet. Furthermore, any type of guarantee or responsibility for the use of the portal, services and contents are excluded.

Only by way of example, but not limited to, exemption from responsibility includes any liability arising from: information transmitted by users through the channel provided by the access service; damages and losses of any nature that may be due to the improper use of this service; unauthorised access by users to protected internet sites using any hacking or cracking techniques, etc.; damages or losses of any kind that may result from the knowledge that third parties have on the use of the internet made by the user or which may be due to access and, as appropriate, the interception, elimination, alteration, modification or manipulation in any way of all kinds of contents and communications that users may transmit, disseminate, store, make available, receive, obtain or access through the service.