Regarding the current situation of the retail trade, its past and, above all, its future, we spoke in our interviews with all the experts in the sector. With them, we talked about how to achieve the desired loyalty of customers, how to generate optimal shopping experiences, innovations, trends and problems.

Each expert gives us their vision and gives us their point of view on a sector that does not go through its best moment but that, at the same time, offers multiple opportunities for those who adapt to these new times. And, all agree that the physical store will not disappear, although it will have to reinvent itself to survive and the merger between the purchase and offline will mark the future of retail.

Mark Garrett: “In online you can avoid that awkward `I’ll think about it´ conversation”

For Mark Garrett, Brick and Mortar retail tradional concep will disappear. Mark is the managing director of Catmandoes Leadership, specialist in ecommerce, retail, transformation seeking interim and consultancy. Read more

Rachel Williamson: “If you are in retail, you must become a student of your customer”

For Rachel Williamson, the act of “going shopping with friends, family or even by yourself is ingrained in our culture”. Today we speak with the Founder and President of Running Great Stores, a Retail Consultancy firm focused on Brick and Mortar Store Operations.  Read more

Ian Golding: “Turning a shopping destination into an experience destination is vital”

Today we speak with Ian Golding, Global Customer Experience Specialist and Ambassador of the Customer Experience Professionals Association. Certified CX leader, international speaker, columnist and writer Ian has over 20 years as a CX professional, teaching the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and author of the book: Customer What?, The Honest and Practical Guide to Customer Experience.

Read more

Ansgar John B: “Artificial Intelligence will change retail between now and 2030”

Today we speak with Ansgar John Brenninkmeijer, CEO of Value Machines. Read more

Jeff Sward: “The best loyalty is having an emotional connection with the customer”

“Retail these days is about the skillful blending of Probabilities and Possibilities. Probabilities are great when they are available, and still valid. But it is now more important than ever to explore and experiment with Possibilities, the new unknowns and opportunities that are always emerging”. Do not miss our interview with Jeff Sward, CEO & Founding Partner of Merchandising Metrics. Read more

Michael Zakkour: “We are in the midst of a retail renaissance, not an apocalypse”

Today we speak with Michael Zakkour, VP of Digital Commerce and New Retail at Tompkins International and co-author of the book New Retail: Born in China, Going Global: How China’s Tech Giants are Changing Global CommerceRead more

Brandon Rael: “The main attraction to go to a retail store is to interact and engage with another human being”

Today we speak with Brandon Rael, Operations and Strategy Innovations Leader. An experienced retail strategy and operations expert who operates as a senior liaison at the intersection of the business, operations, technology, digital, and marketing worlds.

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Steve Dennis: “Brick & mortar stores will remain relevant. Vast majority of retail sales will be done in physical stores for many more years”

Today we speak with Steve Dennis, President of Sageberry Consulting & Forbes Contributor. Read more