Data Intelligence for Retail

Improving store performance with key insights

Access all the critical data necessary to drive success in the retail sector

At Flame we develop and implement digital marketing and analytics solutions for physical spaces that, thanks to big data and Artificial Intelligence, improve management and help retailers to understand their customers behavior.


valuable insights into your customers' behavior through active vigilance. By understanding their actions, preferences, and patterns, you can make informed decisions.


and optimize the performance of your point of sale to achieve profitability and efficiency. Implement data-driven insights to refine your sales strategy and ensure a more lucrative business operation.


the retail experience by personalizing customer interactions. Elevate user satisfaction and engagement through tailored experiences, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience in retail.

Understand customer behavior

Learn about PoS performance

PoS performance
location-based marketing

Do effective location-based marketing

Optimally manage your locations

retail locations

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Flame helps you measure traffic at all touchpoints, build consistent conversion funnels, and benchmark different venues to discover hidden best practices and improve staff planning.

Customer Journey

Understand your customers' behavior by accurately analyzing their customer journey and tracking their movements and interactions across various touchpoints.


Connect with your visitors in your physical spaces, get their contact information and send them personalized marketing campaigns based on their location, interests, gender, age or behavior.

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