Our proprietary technology leverages your existing CCTV cameras and other data sources, including people counters, WiFi, and Bluetooth, treating them as a unified sensor. This enables seamless anonymous monitoring of visitors throughout the venue while prioritizing their privacy.

Key differentiators

Plug & play connection

Leverage existing standard CCTV cameras, people counters, WiFi/BLE, IoT sensors, etc.

Privacy by design

Flame does not use biometric data or store video or images. ISO 27001 certified.

Connect other sources of data

Flame is hardware-agnostic, seamlessly adapting to any source or brand.

Turn-Key Solution

We offer a turnkey solution, delivering an all-inclusive service from start to finish.

Technology and solutions

Flame HyperSensor庐 technology seamlessly integrates different data sources acting as one and delivering powerful insights while taking care of people鈥檚 privacy. 

Experts for analytics with comprehensive hardware, software, and proactive maintenance solutions.

Hypersensor technology

Sustainability: Optimizing the Future

At Flame Analytics, we recognize the importance of sustainability and we are firmly committed to promoting more sustainable practices.

Our data analytics solution is not only designed to optimize processes and make more informed decisions but also indirectly contributes to environmental and operational sustainability. By leveraging our data to optimize resource management and efficiency, we help reduce environmental impact.

Furthermore, our technology dynamically adapts and scales to use only the necessary resources, making it a sustainable choice for any company. Whether automating operations or providing alerts that enable more conscientious decision-making, our solution guides our clients towards more sustainable and efficient practices.

Discover Flame


Flame helps you measure traffic at all touchpoints, build consistent conversion funnels, and benchmark different venues to discover hidden best practices and improve staff planning.

Customer Journey

Understand your customers' behavior by accurately analyzing their customer journey and tracking their movements and interactions across various touchpoints.


Connect with your visitors in your physical spaces, get their contact information and send them personalized marketing campaigns based on their location, interests, gender, age or behavior.