Customer Journey

Get a complete view of how visitors move
through your brick and mortar business

Analyze and improve shopping experiences and customer flow

Flame assists you in comprehensively understanding your customers’ behavior by accurately analyzing their customer journey, discerning how they navigate through spaces, and observing their interactions in various areas. It also enables you to segment your audience based on behavior.

brick and mortar business analytics


Know the most common trajectories and analyze demographic journeys.

Analyze internal traffic and measure customer behavior. Generate heat maps that help you understand behavior patterns.

Discover the correlation between zones.

Measure and quantify the % of unique visits received. Find out how many visits are new and how many are repeated. Find out how much time customers spend inside the establishment.

Always know the status of the queues (number of people in queue and waiting times). Consult, compare and detect patterns of behavior in historical series. Calculate in real time the number of open cashiers needed. Define and set alarms and triggers. Compare with other indicators. Establish a level of compliance.

Visitors flow maps

Enhance In Store experience in your physical spaces

Systematically assess and identify areas within your process that have room for improvement. Gain a deep understanding of the factors contributing to customer retention or loss, enabling you to refine internal processes and uncover untapped opportunities for growth and efficiency.


Indoor tracking to increase customer loyalty and sales

By enhancing the overall customer experience, you can effectively increase both loyalty and sales. Elevating their engagement with your brand will contribute to a more lasting connection, fostering loyalty and driving higher sales.

Improve your retail marketing actions

Refine and elevate your retail marketing strategies by acquiring the capability to target campaigns in a more segmented and personalized manner. Develop a profound understanding of your customers’ behavior to tailor your approach, ensuring more effective and resonant communication.

Discover how it works

Our proprietary technology leverages with your existing CCTV cameras and other data sources, including people counters, WiFi, and Bluetooth, treating them as a unified sensor. This enables seamless anonymous monitoring of visitors throughout the venue while prioritizing their privacy

Make the best decisions

Flame delivers the best insights through its powerful dashboard and standard API.

Connect other sources

Flame plug & play connectors integrate data from WiFi, People Counters, IoT sensors, Data Lakes, ERP, etc

Plug & Play

Flame can leverage existing standard CCTV cameras, WiFi/BLE, IoT sensors, etc.

Privacy by design

Flame does not use biometric data or store video or images.

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