About us

Established in 2016, Flame has evolved into the world's leading Location Analytics platform, empowering thousands of users to optimize visitor value and enhance venue performance.

What is Flame?

Flame is an advanced analytics platform for physical spaces that seamlessly integrates video with other data sources, enabling you to make informed decisions based on relevant information.

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Prestigious publications such as El País, El Mundo, ABC, Cinco Días, Expansión, Emprendedores, or La Razón have featured Flame, dedicating space to our platform. Additionally, we have been featured on numerous occasions in radio and television programs.

Meet the team

Comprising experts in big data, retail, consulting, marketing, and engineering, the Flame team is a young and dynamic group that has devoted over a decade to delivering clients the most innovative technological solutions in the market. Interested in getting to know us?


Our mission is to serve as the bridge between the real and virtual worlds, offering our clients digital tools for the physical world. These tools enable them to gain deeper insights into and connect with their clients, ultimately generating competitive advantages.


We are proudly backed by industry-leading investors, including PadeInvest and BeWater Funds. Their confidence in our commitment to technological innovation fuels our mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the field of location analytics.