Want to know more about Flame? Today we will be in Oviedo

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Want to know how it works Flame? tell you all today at 8 pm in Oviedo in an event in which Flame will be presented as a useful tool to help us to understand customers better, as a way to improve competitiveness.

This is an industry meeting organized by the City of Oviedo and the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), in collaboration with FADE and Asturian Federation of Commerce, under the initiative «Fostering competitiveness and innovation SMEs in the municipality of Oviedo» which recently launched City and EOI, and has co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

During this meeting will make a brief presentation of Sectoral Innovation Business, which seeks, through the articulation of escort services to Oviedo businesses, support innovation in commerce to promote competitiveness. The guide is presented CEAT Trade – Asturias and two useful tools including Flame, which aim to bring the retail sector the benefits of the Internet, as well as help customers better understand as a way to improve competitiveness.

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¿Quiere saber más?

Concierte una reunión de 20 minutos con nuestros expertos para comprender cómo puede utilizar Flame en su organización.

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