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Farewell STC Accelerator Teams. After four intense weeks our first accelerator program has come to and end. Companies spent their time focusing on customer development and attending various activities.

These activities included hosting incredible talks and workshops. We were even being featured on TVE (a national Spanish TV channel). We had the opportunity to visit companies like Google and SAP and discover Stanford University’s startup accelerator, Rocket Space, Runway and Endeavor.

It has a been a great pleasure for the STC to host this group of determined entrepreneurs from the following companies: Adverados, Breca Health Care, CASE, Facephi, , Flame Anaylitcs, Hall St, Mashme TV, mHealth Alert, Phobius, Qlikbar, Seeketing, Sistelnetworks, Umanick, and Womenalia.

A big THANK YOU to all the speakers and hosts of our talks and visits, without their support it would have been impossible to deliver such an engaging program!

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The Spain Tech Center is an initiative sponsored by Fundación Banesto, Icex (a division of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) and red.es (a division of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism), to facilitate the landing and commercial implementation of Spanish technology companies in the North American market.

Companies in The Spain Tech Center have access to specialized resources designed to assist with their launch into the American market.  This includes initial business development assistance, access to a preferred network of service providers, and business model consulting services.

Upon arrival in the U.S. each company begins the second portion of the program. This portion lasts between six and twelve months, which allows the Spanish companies to test, promote and implement their business plans in one of the most competitive regions of the world, Silicon Valley.



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