Zenia Boulevard Shopping Center, new client of Flame Analytics

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New client of Flame Analytics is the Zenia Boulevard shopping center

Zenia Boulevard, an open-air shopping center with more than 150 stores and a wide range of leisure and restaurant options with all services, relies on Flame Analytics to quickly identify and connect with its customers.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading and discover how this shopping center has managed to strengthen the relationship with its customers.

Case Study – Zenia Boulevard

With Flame, this Shopping Center located in Alicante, connects with its visitors through onboarding through Guest WiFi. In this way, it obtains valuable insights about its visitors, such as demographic and contact data, thus increasing its database so that it can later offer them a more personalized shopping experience.

This is a process that allows Zenia Boulevard to improve its digital marketing actions (captive portal designed and configured to measure, landing page, etc.) and also the experience of its thousands of customers and visitors.

Advantages of Guest Wifi for your Shopping Center

Don’t know what are the main benefits of investing in a good Guest Wifi solution? From Flame we will tell you what they are, do not hesitate to contact our team if you want to know more.

  • Increased interactions on your social profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…), including a direct link from your portal.
  • Improve your brand image and build customer loyalty by offering a powerful and quality Wi-Fi service
  • Get contact information from your customers, create a good community around your brand.
  • Increase your sales, thanks to improving the loyalty of your customers. Almost 50% of retail experts say that Wi-Fi manages to improve customer loyalty, leading to an increase in sales of more than 3%.
  • Optimize your marketing strategies, getting the most out of your customer data. Your customers will be more loyal to your mall if you offer them a complete shopping experience that meets or exceeds their expectations.



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