Wifi Tracking: Benefits of measuring presence

Written by Flame

What is Wifi Tracking?

Thanks to wifi tracking and to the fact that today much of the population carries in his pocket a smartphone (79% of buyers, according to the Google latest study on mobility) it is possible to know how customers behave within our business.

If customers have their Wifi connection active, the store can follow them on their visit and monitor the time they spend inside, see products that have been more interesting or just know how long they have been waiting in a queue. The possibilities are endless

Wifi tracking benefits

The key to manage your customer loyalty and engagement

For companies, improving is necessary to maintain a strategic approach towards customer satisfaction. This will achieve high levels of customer retention and more profits. So it is very important to measure satisfaction and customer loyalty and then perform specific actions. Thanks to wireless technology, Flame is able to determine clients loyalty degree by calculating their return rate. Ie, Flame knows when a client is visiting your business back and when it’s his first visit.

To measure customer loyalty is a very important fact that must be taken into account. It is a information that can help in making decisions to improve your business.

Also, with Flame’s wifi tracking you can know the average time spent at your local, that is, how long are customers inside it, so you can generate higher shopper engagement.


Is your business well located?

“Passersby” is a metric that allows you to know the number of people who pass in front of the business and how many of them enter (uptake percentage).

If you care about your window or you do not know if it’s attractive and appealing perhaps this functionality will make you know for sure.

The location of a store is certainly a factor to be taken into account and a key to success. Have you ever wondered if your shop is well located? Or how many people pass in front of it every day?




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