Wifi analytics

Get key metrics on your customers´ behavior with Wifi analytics and optimize your physical spaces

What is wifi analytics?

Thanks to Wifi analytics it is possible to know how customers interact at the point of sale and to understand the behaviour of your customers. It is a technology that has a great potential to boost sales and generate loyalty to a brand. Thanks to Wifi analytics you will know your capture rate (visits / passers-by), the average time spent in your store, your loyalty rate (repeat visits vs new visits), etc.



Measure the number of visits received.


How much time customers spend inside the store.

Loyalty rate

Loyalty rate Find out how many visits are new and how many are repeated.


Compare the number of visits by dates and by locations and determine the campaigns´ effectiveness, shop windows, promotions, etc.


Know the number of passers-by.

Capture rate

Discover your capture rate (passers-by VS visits).


With Places tool, compare the locations´ performance among them.

Visits´ duration

Discover how many of your visits are long, very long, short or very short.


  • Generate a more faithful client. Increase their loyalty knowing the return rate (how many are new and how are repeated).

  • Improve engagement towards your brand knowing how much time your customers spend at the store.

  • Measure the capture rate and find out how your window and your location are performing.

  • Maximize your point of sale profitability. Improve your conversion rate and your business profitability and effectiveness.

  • Validate your management with objective data and your action plans thanks to Flame’s insights. Convert numbers into valuable information for your business.

  • Get a better store experience. Find out what your clients like and offer them what they need at all times.

Wifi analytics for…


Shopping malls

Large Retail

University campus