Webinar: 5 ways Proximity Marketing will impact the shopping experience

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Proximity marketing and shopping experience

How will Proximity Marketing impact the shopping experience? In this webinar we looked at which strategies are working best and gave you some tips for effective marketing. In addition, we reviewed the most successful campaigns of our clients with real data: Did they manage to increase traffic? In what percentage? Did they manage to increase the loyalty rate? And the duration of the stay?


Flame, a marketing tool for your shopping center

Drive Exceptional Shopping Experiences

Establish communication channels with your clients and visitors in shopping malls thanks to onboarding tools such as Guest WiFi and Mobile Apps. Obtain contact information of your clients and demographic data. Communicate with them in a segmented, personalized way and in real time. Increase your followers and your likes on Social Networks and optimize all your marketing actions.

Create Audiences and send them Campaigns

Create audiences based on your customers´ behavior and send them personalized digital campaigns based on location. Boost customer experience like never before. Run sophisticated marketing campaigns and engage customers. Target them and get a clear understanding of ROI and traffic. Go beyond opens, clicks and visits received and quantify real success.

Useful tips for a successful proximity marketing campaigns for your mall

Marketing for a smart shopping center

  • Relevant Marketing: Differentiation and Personalization.
  • The customer as the focus of the shopping mall: Customer Centric.
  • Create services and events that generate valuable experiences linked to the environment.
  • Enhance the collection of visitor data and its correct management and analysis.

Essential Elements of a Marketing Campaign

  • Campaigns for the tenants (stores) and campaigns for the shopping center.
  • Attraction campaigns and promotional campaigns.
  • The more personalization, the more relevance.
  • Audiences based on interests, needs, tastes or purchase intention.
  • Measurable strategies to be able to check performance and impact.

What steps should we take?

It depends if we want to increase sales, increase visits, improve our reputation or customer experience, increase customer loyalty, etc.

  • Be clear about the target
  • Define the channel, how we got there
  • Define campaign objective
  • Creativity, draw attention…

What do the most successful campaigns have in common?

  • They all seek to increase the influx, both to the mall and to the tenant.
  • They all involve a reward or a prize (discount, gift, raffle).
  • All of them are original and promote values and/or feelings such as friendship, curiosity, happiness…
  • These are personalized campaigns (sent to loyal customers, to customers celebrating birthdays, to women or men, to certain age groups, etc.)

Examples of campaigns that our clients have carried out

Read our whitepaper: The 5 most successful marketing campaigns of 2021 in Shopping Centers



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