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Viena has relied on Flame Analytics’ Wi-Fi Marketing Solution for its 59 coffee shops in Spain. Now, in addition to offering a high-quality, fast and simple Wi-Fi connection in its facilities, Viena can connect in a segmented and super personalized way with its customers.

Viena Trust on Flame

Viena will also be able, by integrating its Salesforce CRM with Flame’s cloud platform, to increase sales, generate a satisfied customer and personalize the customer experience.

Flame Connect, to identify and connect with your customers in an agile way

By using Flame Connect, this chain of coffee shops will be able to identify and communicate with their customers in an agile way. As well as connecting with visitors through onboarding in physical spaces thanks to Guest WiFi or integration with mobile applications.

The onboarding created for Viena is done via Guest Wifi. The cafeteria customer will select the Wi-Fi network and connect with one of their social profiles or through a form. Once the visitor has logged in, they access a web page / portal in which Viena can take advantage of to inform them of their products, promotions and offers or to invite them to follow them on social networks.

With Flame’s solutions, valuable insights about visitors are obtained, both demographic (gender, age, etc.) and contact (email, telephone, etc.), increasing your contact database.

Making an impact with your digital marketing actions (captive portal designed and configured to measure, landing page, etc.) and improving the customer/visitor experience is another advantage of the solution chosen by Viena.

Do you know the benefits of Guest Wifi?

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Guest Wifi, the best way for interact and create a loyal relationship with your clients!



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