The future mall: “A place to do things, not to buy things”

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What will the mall of the future be like? Will it disappear?… We want to share with you this post written by Laureano Turienzo in which he analyzes this format. In front of those who believe that the mall is hanging by a thread, the author of the article believes that it has a promising future, BUT for Turienzo, in a few years, “the malls will be places of entertainment in which there will be less square meters of sale and more leisure.”

Resultado de imagen para West Edmonton Mall

In a few years we will not go to the mall to buy products, but we will go there to have fun, enjoy and connect with brands. “It will be a place to do things, not only to buy things.” That is, for Turienzo the malls will be like micro-citys where we will be able to find everything: hotels, coworking spaces, residential areas, universities, restaurants, theaters, concert areas, museums and even water parks.

And you don’t have to wait for the future to start seeing memorable malls. There are already malls with incredible leisure offers like Funan’s in Singapore, which has a huge roof garden where visitors can see how vegetables are produced and harvested.

Resultado de imagen para funan rooftop garden

Also, this shopping center can be covered by bicycle as it has a bike path that runs through it.

Resultado de imagen para funan bicycle

Another example of the mall of the future is found in Cityland, in Dubai. This center has a garden with more than 150 million flowers.

Resultado de imagen para cityland dubai

It is clear that offering an optimal shopping experience is becoming increasingly important and, therefore, those retailers who know how to offer it, will undoubtedly play with advantage.

More opinions

Astrid F. Kowlessar “Definitely- the future of brick & motor retail infrastructure is mixed use – shopping tied into residential living and entertainment!”

Monika Ellen Salazar, Retail Development, Customer Experience, Creative Strategy, Licensing does agree with Laureano Turienzo.

Monica Converse Premium Ecommerce Enthusiast, Omnichannel Authority, Retail Innovator, Luxury Apparel & Eco Style, also thinks that in the near future “we will not go to the mall to buy products, but to have fun, enjoy and connect with brands”.



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