In our retail and shopping malls interview section, we engage with various professionals who are experts in the industry: managers, marketing executives, customer experience managers, technology and big data experts, consultants, and more.

Thanks to these professionals, we are able to showcase the current state of the sector from the perspective of those who face the day-to-day challenges and innovations. The experts share insights into how they have navigated through crises such as the Covid pandemic and post-pandemic challenges, economic fluctuations, price increases, and supply chain shortages. They also discuss how they have reinvented themselves to confront the growing influence of online commerce, one of their main competitors.

If you want to get to know these personalities and learn about their work in their respective shopping malls and stores, you shouldn’t miss any of these interviews.

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7 Benefits that Data Analytics brings for Shopping Centers

Flame helps you to measure traffic at all touch points: passers-by, venue’s visits, floors, zones and much more. Consistently build conversion funnels and benchmark different venues to get to know hidden best practices while enhancing staff planning.

7 Benefits that Data Analytics brings for Shopping Centers

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