Success in El Ingenio: Recognition for the “iGenio” Project of Flame Analytics

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El Ingenio, Flame client

In the competitive world of shopping malls, the ability to adapt and stand out is essential for success. In this regard, El Ingenio Shopping Center has proven to be a true pioneer in the industry, with its innovative “iGenio” project developed in collaboration with Flame Analytics.

In this blog, we will explore in detail El Ingenio Shopping Center’s journey to triumph, from the conception of its “iGenio” project to the recognitions and achievements obtained. We will discover how innovation, combined with smart data and effective strategies, propelled El Ingenio to the top of success in the highly competitive world of shopping malls.

Success in the collaboration of El Ingenio and Flame analytics

Project Description – “iGenio

With a bold vision and a focus on enhancing customer experience, El Ingenio embarked on a journey towards excellence through the implementation of advanced analytics technologies. The result was a notable transformation that not only boosted the performance of the shopping center but also set a new standard in the industry.

In an extraordinary achievement, El Ingenio Shopping Center, managed by MVGM, has been awarded the prestigious prize for Best Innovation/Digital Strategy Action by the Spanish Association of Shopping Centers (AECC). This recognition is the outcome of its innovative project, “iGenio,” which redefines management models, prioritizing efficiency and relying on asset digitization.

The “iGenio” project at El Ingenio is a testament to cutting-edge management methodologies. By leveraging various technologies integrated into the shopping center, such as foot traffic measurement systems, WiFi networks, and a dedicated application, El Ingenio captures data that intersects with crucial variables, such as sales. This information undergoes Big Data analysis, generating key performance indicators (KPIs) that empower “iGenio” with business intelligence.

Centro comercial El Ingenio

Strategic Impact

The intelligence resulting from this project enables improved strategic and operational decision-making. By optimizing the performance of the shopping center and its operators, “iGenio” facilitates informed choices across various aspects of center management. This spans from marketing, collaboration with operators, marketing initiatives, facility management, consumption patterns, sustainability practices, among others.

El Ingenio, a cutting-edge center

The reception of the AECC award for the “iGenio” project is a celebration of visionary strategies and successful collaboration with Flame Analytics. This recognition reinforces the commitment of this shopping center to embracing digital transformation, leveraging data-driven insights to drive operational efficiency and set new standards in the dynamic realm of retail management.

As El Ingenio continues to innovate, the “iGenio” project stands as a beacon of inspiration for the retail industry at large, showcasing the potential for transformative change through strategic digital initiatives.



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