University Campus

University campuses are made up of a large number of buildings. Some are used to teach classes, in others reside the library, or a sports center or a learning center, or perhaps in some of them the student residences. The fact of having so many buildings prevents in many occasions having a vision of the degree of occupancy of each one of them in real time and it is necessary to have a tool capable of supplying this occupancy information.

Estimate the level of occupancy of all buildings on campus in real time

Know the level of occupation of the Campus

Know in real time an estimate of the level of occupancy of the different facilities (gyms, libraries, residences, etc.). You can view all the data on screens for ‘digital signage’ in real time or through a mobile app.

Discover patterns and trends

You will know the level of occupation by percentages as well as the estimation of occupation by colors (high-red, medium-yellow, low-green or closed-black), which will facilitate the movement of students, teachers and visitors around the campus. You will also discover trends and behavior patterns that will help you carry out improvement actions.

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