Guest Wifi

A powerful Marketing tool!
Guest Wifi will allow you to connect as never before with your customers

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What is Guest Wifi?

Guest Wifi is a powerful Marketing tool that will allow you to connect as never before with your customers. Offer free Wifi to your customers and get in return useful information when they login that you can use in your marketing campaigns or newsletters. Start already to segment and direct your ads, promotions and news while reinforcing your presence in social networks. Generate new leads and potential customers with this powerful marketing tool. No new hardware needed. Use existing wifi access points.

How does Guest Wifi work?


The client arrives at the store, selects the network and connects with one of their social profiles (Facebook, Twitter …) or through a completely configurable form.


Our brand impacts on the client and we can take advantage to inform them about our products and offers or to invite them to follow us on social networks.


Assess you roi and get insights: customers gender, age, and also their emails and phones that you can use in marketing campaigns.

Guest Wifi features

Attract new customers and generate loyal ones with Guest Wifi, a powerful marketing tool.

Easy to setup

Custom splash pages. Very easy to setup. Powerful editor. Configure login options with just one click.

Know your customers

Discover your customers behaviour and understand their visits.

Data belongs to you

Data belongs to you and complies with privacy laws around the world.

Brand your Spash page

Use a default template and with our powerful editor customize landing pages tailoring them to specific groups.

Grow your crm database

Add leads to your crm. Flame collect name, age, gender, location, etc. from Twitter, Facebook and others.

Get demographics reports

With Flame you get demographics reports. You can know your customers age, gender, city, postal code, etc.

Guest Wifi benefits

Be different

Guest Wifi makes you different as you offer a value-added service such as free, secure and agile Wifi.

More contacts

Increase your client’s database and also your community.

More followers

With Guest Wifi you will exponentially increase your followers and your likes by connecting Wifi with your social networks.

Increase sales

It is said that, in retail sector, Wifi service increase customer loyalty and sales up to 3.4%.

Optimize your marketing

Improve your marketing actions by obtaining a real customers database that you can use in marketing actions.

Do you want to see Flame in action?

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