Webinar: 5 Keys to Enhance the Shopping Experience in your Center

5 Keys to Enhance the Shopping Experience in your Center. Discover Connect Mall Edition. A comprehensive solution designed to overcome these challenges and deliver exceptional experiences in commercial environments.

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shopping experience and how to enhance it

Shopping Experience. How can we enhance it? We answered to this question in our last webinar. Did you miss it?

Today an exciting revolution is taking place in the world of shopping centers. In this webinar we told you what it consists of, what the current challenges are, the technological solutions that respond to them and the benefits of all this transformation that we are experiencing. But, most importantly, we saw how to take this to the next level and together we discovered a comprehensive solution designed to overcome these challenges and deliver exceptional experiences in commercial environments.

Current Challenges

We face two crucial challenges: the change in purchasing habits and the unstoppable growth of e-commerce. Furthermore, the urgent need to adapt to customization demands has become essential. Increasingly, consumers are looking for experiences adapted to their tastes and preferences.

Technological solutions

Smart technology is our answer to these challenges. From traffic and occupancy analytics to demographic analysis (gender and age). All this to personalize services and messages, that is, to transform the way shopping centers operate.聽We are creating an environment where customization becomes the norm.


But what are the benefits of this transformation?聽First, we are improving the customer experience, from the moment they enter to the moment they leave the mall. We are optimizing operations and marketing strategies, adapting quickly to emerging trends. This is a transformation that is not only a response to current challenges, but also a preparation for a successful future.

Connect Mall Edition

And now, to take this to the next level, I would like to introduce you to our product: Connect Mall Edition. A comprehensive solution designed to overcome these challenges and deliver exceptional experiences in commercial environments.

With key features that will help us:

  • optimize the management and performance of the center,
  • improve visitor engagement and occupancy rates,
  • and increase customer satisfaction.

Let’s see its main characteristics

Social Wifi. Offer free Wi-Fi in your shopping center in exchange for customer contact information. In this step we can also obtain demographic data (gender and age), birthday, zip code, etc. All of this will help us segment our clientele.

It is a good way to boost the success of your shopping center by obtaining valuable contacts. We provide visitors with a fluid and secure connection, we improve their experience and this allows us (we will see in the next point) to send personalized campaigns.

Location Based Marketing. Now that we have our customers’ data, we are going to send personalized campaigns in real time based on the location and behavior of each user. For example, based on repeat rate and dwell time… The goal is to design highly relevant marketing strategies, ultimately improving customer engagement.

Smart Analytics. The Connect Mall Edition product also includes a part of visitor and customer behavior analytics that we are going to do with Wi-Fi technology. We are going to have data on traffic and influx, repetition or loyalty, stay times and other kpis that have to do with the purchase tickets that we will discuss later.

Integrations. The connect mall edition product integrates with your customer loyalty programs, with your CRM, etc.: MailChimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, Placewise, Neuromobile, among others.

Quick Scan Tickets. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology with artificial intelligence revolutionizes ticket management. Shopping center users will be able to scan their purchase receipts with their mobile phones, which will allow us to automatically extract all the relevant information about their purchases. Users will be able to enjoy additional benefits such as participation in raffles, promotions and even access exclusive benefits linked to the center’s loyalty program such as free parking.

With this product we improve the experience and promote the most personalized services: social Wi-Fi to capture contacts, sending personalized marketing campaigns, analytics to understand behavior, ticket scanner and all of this can be integrated with other center systems. Let’s look at the key benefits.

5 Key Benefits for your Shopping Center

With social WiFi we are going to boost contacts

Visitors will be able to connect to Wi-Fi safely, improving their experience. However, the center will have to promote and encourage the client to connect. This will allow us to do more personalized marketing: We will use the contacts obtained to create personalized automatic campaigns, increasing the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

With Location Based Marketing we improve our mkt

We will be able to send personalized campaigns in real time based on the customer’s location, their behavior as a user, their tastes and preferences. We will be able to send an SMS or an email depending on the repetition rate of the users and the length of stay. Depending on their gender, their age, their nationality, their zip code, their birthday, etc. This will help us refine our marketing strategies, ultimately increasing customer engagement.

Improve customer knowledge

One of the biggest advantages is undoubtedly the Improved understanding of Visitors. We will be able to obtain a deep understanding of traffic trends (total and zone visits), dwell times, visitor patterns and customer purchases… This information will allow us to adapt experiences and improve overall participation and, ultimately , increase sales. And in the end, most importantly, when you have data on customer behavior you will be able to make better Strategic decisions always based on objective data. Measure and improve.

Improve center efficiency

Integrations with different systems and technologies allow us to streamline operations, improving the effectiveness of loyalty and retention programs. Furthermore, the fact of being able to unify customer profiles will allow us a comprehensive understanding of our audience, facilitating targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Unlock new services and improve the experience

Effortless Ticket Management: The integration of OCR technology with artificial intelligence simplifies ticket management, offering a hassle-free experience for both users and administrators, while also feeding our customer database.

Greater User Convenience: Simplifying participation in loyalty programs through ticket scanning improves user convenience. Additionally, users can enjoy benefits such as raffles and free parking, encouraging a positive experience.

Improvement in management: The data obtained from the tickets will allow us to advance in analytics on purchasing habits, product categories or preferences of our customers and will be very useful in proactive management.

Summing-up, Connect Mall Edition not only overcomes common challenges in retail environments, but also significantly improves customer experience and operational efficiency, which will ultimately result in increased sales.



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