Queue analytics

Get a more satisfied customer, reduce drop-out rate and optimize your staff

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What is Queue analytics?

Thanks to our queue analyticstool you will know how many clients there are waiting in the queues in real time and also, how long they take to be served. Our objective, as retailers, is to achieve a waiting time in queue as short as possible, because this will avoid customers’ rejection and abandonment. If you reduce waiting time you will get a more satisfied customer, who, at the same time, will be more loyal and more engaged to your brand.

Queue analytics features

Queues´ status

Know queues status at all times.

Behaviour patterns

Consult, compare and detect behaviour patterns in historical series.

Cash registers required

Calculate in real time the number of open cash registers that are required for a given service level (number of people in queue, maximum waiting time…)

Alarms and triggers

Define alarms and triggers in real time.


Compare with other key indicators and look for correlation between variables (visits, visit duration, etc.).

Meet your goals

Establish a level of compliance (maximum waiting times or number of people queued, for example).


  • Reduce queue size. The first step to reduce queues is to know the number of people in queue throughout the hours of the day because, with this information, you will be able to make decisions that will help you to optimize and reduce your customers´ rejection.

  • Improve customer satisfaction. Get a more satisfied customer who does not wait for more than the necessary time. You will avoid rejection and dropout rate and generate a more loyal customer. Besides, you will increase sales.

  • Increase loyalty. Improves customer experience and loyalty.

  • Optimize the staff. Knowing in real time queues´ state will help you to optimize the number of open cashiers open. Also, knowing about historical and trends will help you offer a more agile response.

  • Reduce waiting times. Queue waiting time affects the customers experience in a negative way. Reduce this time and also, the dropout rate.

  • Be more efficient. Increase efficiency, optimize the staff and generate a more loyal customer. You will increase sales.

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