Flame in Vezta & Co: Wifi analytics and Wifi Marketing help you sell more

Our marketing manager, Lucía González, has written a post in Vezta & Co ´s blog about wifi analytics and wifi marketing and how these both tools will help you to build loyalty and generate more engagement towards your brand. Find out how in this post:

Nowadays offering Wifi in a business is a must becauase customers are looking for a quality Wifi connection everywhere and they are willing to give you something in return: their email, telephone, zip code…

Thanks to the Wifi analytics, you can discover how your clients behave and, once you know them, and you have managed to connect with them, it is time to offer them what they want at the right time.

Thanks to Wifi marketing nowadays it is possible to create hyper-segmented audiences by different demographic and behavioral data (gender, age, loyalty rate…) and, then, create a campaign and send it via email, sms or beacons. With Wifi marketing it’s also possible to measure its impact.

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