Personalized marketing How to use it in your hotel?

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In recent years, our perspective on hotel marketing has changed a lot. And it is that, in part, we consumers and guests have constantly evolved, forcing technology companies to create marketing tools that keep up with our pace. And to the hotels, of course to use them. We are in a context of change in which personalized marketing is and will be a fundamental tool.

Each of these clients will require a personalized service and hence the importance of marketing. Nowadays, most of the companies move in a basic level of personalization, very basic, when they simply create email marketing campaigns. But is this enough?…

A recent study by Pure360 on why consumers demand that companies go beyond basic personalization shows no. In fact, 93% of respondents find basic email headline customization to be ineffective. Why? Well, because, as we said at the beginning, consumers have evolved, let’s say we have matured. For example, a personalized email marketing campaign just by name no longer serves us. Also, birthday campaigns are less effective than they used to be. What does this tell us? Well, consumers expect more from us.

Big Data in the hotel sector will be our ally

It is becoming increasingly important to get to know our customers in depth, to know what they like, what interests them, what they need… In order to always be able to offer it to them before our competition.

Big Data in the hotel sector will be our ally to get to know our clients and thus be able to make a super personalized marketing, not only by gender and age, (eye, that too) but by behavior, by interests…

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