Optimizing the Experience at Galería Canalejas with Flame Analytics

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Galería Canalejas, Flame client

In the bustling and lively core of Madrid, Galería Canalejas stands as a transformative hub, reshaping the landscape of shopping and dining experiences. Pioneering advancements in footfall analytics, Flame Analytics has emerged as a pivotal contributor, deeply influencing the evolution and enhancement of this renowned retail haven. Through their cutting-edge innovations, Flame Analytics has not only revolutionized how foot traffic is understood but has also been instrumental in setting new benchmarks for customer engagement and satisfaction within this iconic destination.

Galería Canalejas trust on Flame analytics

Challenge: Optimize the experience

Faced with the challenge of enhancing the customer experience, Galería Canalejas sought a comprehensive solution to understand and improve real-time visitor flow. How could we optimize foot traffic not only throughout the gallery but also in the exclusive dining establishments on the ground floor?

Galería Canalejas, Madrid

Solution: Footfall analytics

The implementation of Flame Analytics’ footfall analytics provided unprecedented insight. Through perimeter counting, we gained a detailed understanding of overall foot traffic in the gallery. But we went further by providing specific counts in the dining establishments, offering precise data on people traffic in each establishment.

Results of applying counting technology

  • Flow Optimization: With real-time data, Galería Canalejas could dynamically adjust space layout to improve visitor flow, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience.
  • Staff Management: Detailed reports allowed for efficient staff allocation, ensuring exceptional service even during peak times.
  • Personalized Dining Experience: By better understanding traffic in dining establishments, offers and services could be personalized, enhancing the gastronomic experience for each visitor.

Optimize your space and improve your customers’ experience

Flame Analytics stands as more than a mere data provider; it has evolved into an integral strategic collaborator in the ongoing development journey of Galería Canalejas. Beyond the exchange of information, their partnership has been instrumental, shaping the very essence of this retail haven in Madrid. Their fusion of pioneering technology and astute analysis hasn’t solely elevated the customer experience; it has fundamentally revolutionized it, propelling it to unparalleled heights.

This synergistic approach has not just raised the bar; it has set an unprecedented benchmark, serving as a guiding light for the future landscape of retail and hospitality industries, paving the way for innovation and excellence.



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