Optimizing Experience and Marketing Strategy at ABC Serrano

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abc serrano case study

ABC Serrano, a prestigious shopping center located in the heart of Madrid, aimed to enhance customer experience and increase the effectiveness of its marketing strategies. To achieve these goals, they implemented Flame Analytics’ WiFi analytics solution, which allowed them to gather data on pedestrian traffic, dwell times, repeat visit rates, and more. Additionally, zone analytics provided detailed insights into customer movement flows and interaction between different areas of the shopping center. The introduction of guest WiFi also enabled ABC Serrano to capture valuable contacts for future marketing campaigns.


ABC Serrano faced the challenge of better understanding customer behavior within the shopping center to improve the overall experience and optimize their marketing strategies. They needed a solution that would allow them to collect precise and relevant data on visitor foot traffic as well as detailed information on how customers interacted with different areas and services within the shopping center.


Flame Analytics provided ABC Serrano with a comprehensive solution that addressed their specific needs. The implementation of WiFi analytics allowed the shopping center to collect real-time data on pedestrian traffic, average dwell times, visit repeat rates, and more. Additionally, zone analytics provided detailed insights into customer movement flows, enabling ABC Serrano to identify high-traffic areas and optimize the layout of its services and stores.

The introduction of a guest WiFi network was also a crucial part of the solution, as it allowed ABC Serrano to offer free and convenient connectivity to its visitors while capturing valuable contact information for future marketing and communication campaigns.


The implementation of the Flame Analytics solution yielded significant results for ABC Serrano:

  • Enhanced customer experience: Thanks to WiFi and zone analytics, ABC Serrano was able to identify congestion areas and take steps to improve customer circulation, thus optimizing the overall customer experience within the shopping center.
  • Optimization of marketing strategies: The data collected allowed ABC Serrano to better understand customer behavior and preferences, enabling them to personalize and optimize their marketing and communication strategies.
  • Increased customer loyalty: By better understanding customer behavior and needs, ABC Serrano was able to implement specific actions to improve customer loyalty, thereby increasing repeat visits to the shopping center.

In summary, Flame Analytics’ solution has allowed ABC Serrano to significantly improve the customer experience, optimize its marketing strategies, and increase customer loyalty, consolidating its position as one of the premier shopping destinations in Madrid.



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