Omnichannel marketing

Flame builds bridges between off and online world
and gives a 100% digital treatment to your physical business


What is Omnichannel marketing?

Flame builds bridges between off and online world, giving a 100% digital treatment to your physical business. Nowadays, it is vital to treat both channels as one. For this, Flame provides tools that allow us to unify our customers´ physical and digital trace with the aim of being able to activate personalized campaigns and measure what effect the online channel has on the offline and vice versa.

How does Omnichannel marketing work?


Flame provides different customers identifying methods at the store: Social Wifi, beacons, physical web…


Flame allows you to connect offline identities (e-mails, telephone numbers, etc.), captured with identification methods, with online identities (cookies, etc.), stored in the DMP and CRM system. In this way, Flame build a bridge between both worlds that allows you to make a complete follow-up of the customer’s journey.


Flame allows you to activate personalized marketing actions based on the behaviour and the client type in a fully automatic way. Thanks to its API, Flame makes it easier for other systems to orchestrate the marketing automation by taking advantage of all the information on customers’ offline behavior in order to measure key aspects such as purchase intentions.


You can measure the different campaigns´ attribution in both directions. Measuring the influence of offline over online thanks to the integration of identities and the influence of online over the offline knowing the identified visits that go to the offline store.

Omnichannel marketing benefits

Increase your CTR

Segment your campaigns by behaviour (for example, you can segment by last visit to our store, by loyalty rate, etc). This will increase your campaigns´ CTR drastically.

Validate your campaigns success

Measure your campaigns´ attribution effectively. Flame unifies the profiles online and offline and lets you know the full customer journey, making it possible to measure the campaigns´ success when the customer comes to the offline store or the web.

Personalize your marketing

One of the retailers´ biggest challenges is the identification of customers at the store. If you know them you will be able to design a strategy, a campaign and a totally personalized message.

Do you want to see Flame in action?

Flame Analytics is the leading BigData and AI platform that helps transform and make physical spaces smarter with its omnichannel digital marketing and analytics tools.