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Many retailers are taking advantage of the benefits of online behavioral targeting. In a nutshell, behavioral targeting is the method that leverages web user navigation and shopping information to activate relevant and personalized messages. That means that, if used in a suitable way, you no longer need to impact all the users with the same ad like if you were shooting them with a submachine gun.

Well, this method is nothing new. However, its importance is huge nowadays. For the advertiser is key to get higher CTR鈥檚 (Click-through rate) / Conversion rates and for the customers, is key to deliver relevant content.

In an omnichannel environment, the whole thing is greater than the sum of its parts

Thanks to advanced technologies like DMP鈥檚 and the correct use of Artificial Intelligence, we can get insights about customer behaviour patterns that a human couldn鈥檛 identify. For example, a good algorithm can propose a set of audiences of people based on little or not obvious behavior patterns. Which joined to the correct automation tools, your brand could reach everybody with hyper-personalized and relevant campaigns.

Fortunately, technology can get us thus far, but unfortunately, that is not at all enough for omnichannel retailers (those with online and offline stores).聽

WiFi Analytics, Video Analytics and Beacons, can help us to fill the gap to close the omnichannel customer journey

In an omnichannel聽environment, the whole thing is greater than the sum of its parts. That means that, in order to have the entire customer shopping journey (a real 360 profile), we need the information about the physical touchpoints interactions as well as the online ones. Here is where technologies like WiFi Analytics, Video Analytics or Beacons, can help us to detect customers physical interactions and fill the existing gap to close the omnichannel customer journey.聽

As a conclusion, only with real omnichannel customer profiles we will be able to perform real omnichannel behavioral targeting. Besides, those will be the key to measure On to Off attribution and to build a real omnichannel strategy.

By Jonathan Solis. Flame analytics CEO.




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