Oasiz Madrid implements Flame Analytics to identify and connect with its customers in an agile way

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oasiz madrid shopping mall

Oasiz Madrid, the largest shopping center in Madrid, located in the town of Torrejón de Ardoz, implements Flame Analytics to quickly identify and connect with its customers.

With Flame, the mall connects with its visitors through onboarding through Guest WiFi. In this way, obtains valuable Insights from its visitors, demographic and contact, thus increasing its database to later be able to provide a customer experience that is as personalized as possible. A process that allows OASIZ Madrid, a commercial center and resort of 280,000 square meters and 120 premises, to improve its digital marketing actions (captive portal designed and configured to measure, landing page, etc.) and also the experience of its thousands of customers. and visitors.

A modern shopping center that offers two elegant and impressive lakes, a zip line, a gastronomic market and an artificial beach.



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