Next webinar: 7 Video Analytics Use Cases for Retail and Shopping Centers

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Webinar about 7 video analytics use cases for retail and malls

On Thursday, April 27 at 4 pm CEST a new Flame analytics webinar will take place. This time we will share with all of you the most outstanding use cases of video analytics in Retail and shopping centers.

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Retail and shopping centers sector are advancing by leaps and bounds and, in recent years, have jumped on the innovation bandwagon. There are many technologies that are being designed to improve the customer experience and achieve smarter physical spaces.

Video Analytics is no longer any new concept that a profesional working on retailer shopping centers had not hear about. This technology has achieved a new role in this industry, as it is no longer used as a security solution. Now, thanks to video analytics, retailers and managers can obtain accurate data and information about their physical places and their customers behaviors, and adapt all their business, operational and marketing strategies to them.

New Video Analytics Webinar

The Retail of the XXI century, the Retail of Data

The in-depth analysis of customer behavior at shopping centers and shops offers valuable information around which to organize strong market strategies.

One of the main objectives of physical spaces analytics focuses on personalizing the experience of each customer to achieve loyalty and engagement. In this sense, it is essential to know customers to increase sales.

We will talk about this and much more on April 27th in our next webinar. You can’t miss it! Reserve your place now.



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