Next Webinar: 10 Lessons for a Successful Digital Transformation in Retail

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Digital Transformation in retail

Join us on 20th June to explore the fascinating world of successful digital transformation in the retail sector! In this webinar, we will analyze the case of Amazon and its attempt to implement automated stores, highlighting the lessons learned and strategies for successful digitalization.

Roi Iglesias, Retail Manager at Flame Analytics, will guide us through this journey, showing us how to leverage technology to optimize processes and improve customer experience. Discover how to transform your business gradually and effectively. Don鈥檛 miss out!

Successful Digital Transformation, Key in Retail

In the retail sector, digitalization has become a cornerstone for those seeking not only to survive but to thrive in a highly competitive market. However, as shown by Amazon’s recent attempt to implement automated stores, not all digitalization guarantees success. This widely publicized failure provides important lessons and reminds us that a gradual, process-focused strategy can be more fruitful.

We invite you to delve into these topics in our next webinar. We will analyze Amazon’s case and see how, despite promises of a shopping revolution through, for example, the elimination of queues, the project did not meet expectations, leaving behind valuable lessons. What went wrong? How can we learn from these mistakes to optimize our own digitalization processes in retail?

Webinar: Successful Digital Transformation in Retail

Roi Iglesias, Retail Manager at Flame Analytics, will guide us through how we can use data analytics to identify specific areas for improvement in our business. From adjusting store hours based on traffic to optimizing product layout to enhance customer experience, data analytics will be our ally on this digital transformation journey.

Event Details:

  • Date: June 20th
  • Time: 16:30h CEST (Spain Time)
  • Topic: Lessons from the Failure of Amazon’s Automated Stores and How to Apply Them to Your Business

This webinar is ideal for you if you are looking for practical, data-driven strategies to drive digital transformation in your retail business. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn, discuss, and share ideas.

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Digital Transformation in Retail



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