Understand its customers´ wishes, the basis for the success of Esplore Restaurants

The Ilunion Group, owner of Esplore restaurants, was looking for ways to obtain data that would support the success of their businesses, reliable data that would help them make better decisions and carry out the best strategies to adapt their offers to preferences and tastes of their customers

Esplore found the answer in Flame analytics solutions. Now, in addition to providing an Internet access service to their occasional or regular customers, they have access to a large volume of information about their business that will help them improve their business strategies, optimize staff management and, above all, create much more personalized experiences.

Thanks to Flame, Esplore restaurants know what their catch rate is, the average time people spend in their premises and the percentage of customer loyalty. In addition, Esplore collects other very valuable data (contact and demographic) that marketing managers will use to be closer to their customers and create campaigns segmented by sociodemographic profiles in an agile and simple way.