Passers-by decreased by 87% #stayathome

The Government has asked us to stay home to end this pandemic. And we have obeyed. 
We have taken a look at Flame’s analytics and we have verified that the first day the measure came into force (last suday), 87% less people traffic was registered than the average of the previous month. And last Monday, we observed 68% fewer passers-by than any other Monday of the year. This tells us that compliance is being very high, and that we have only been out on the street to carry out the essential activities.

We must all make an effort to end Coronavirus pandemic and stay at home so that this situation ends soon and we can return to normality, to stroll through our cities, to buy in stores, to go to the movies and the theater and to visit our family and friends.

From Flame we send you a lot of encouragement! We know this effort will pay off and we will return stronger and more eager than ever!