Meet Flame analytics and discover how it works the 27th of June

On Thursday, June 27 at 5 pm (CEST) we will show you what Flame is like in our Essential webinar. If you want to know our analytical and marketing solution, reserve your place now!

We give you the opportunity to know Flame analytics through our Essentials. It’s an online seminar (webinar) where we show you how Flame is and how it works. You can see how, thanks to the analytics module, it is possible to know the behavior of your customers: how many enter your point of sale, how long they are, how much they spend, how and where they move, whether they repeat or not, etc.

In addition, you will discover how thanks to Guest Wi-Fi, you can connect with them by obtaining valuable information: their gender, age, zip code, telephone, etc.

Finally, you can see how the Location based marketing module works thanks to which it is possible to hypersegment audiences to which you can send customized campaigns that can also measure their impact and attribution.

You want to know more? Well do not hesitate. Sign up now for our next Essential