A free tapa for spending time in a bar?

A free cap, a shirt or a polo for spending more time in a bar? Yes! A bar in Betanzos (Galicia) has launched this initiative and it seems that it is doing very well.

Purpose? Know how much time customers spend inside the bar to reward their loyalty.

In Flame we have loved this idea, because precisely, one of Flame’s goals is to measure the loyalty of customers within the point of sale.

Now… How do they measure loyalty or the engagement in this bar? All customers have to sign in when they enter! As if they worked in the bar, customers have to swipe their fingers through a machine that reads the fingerprint at the entrance and exit. In this way, the owners of the establishment know how much time each client spends inside the bar and thus can reward their loyalty.

And it is that measuring fidelity is not something that only look for fashion stores. The hospitality sector is also increasingly interested in measuring.

Through the Wi-Fi analytics, and without the need to install a clocking machine 😉 Flame is able to measure the length of stay of customers within the points of sale and their loyalty.

In addition, our solution, through the marketing module, sends personalized notifications to customers.