“Embark” TVE Program: Flame in the Accelerator Program

Embark Program. Now you can watch the video of “Embark” program, which is broadcast on TVE and in which Jonathan Solis spoke from San Francisco (USA) about Flame. Link to Youtube In this video you will see the interview the presenter Juanma Romero did to Jonathan Solis about our stay in Silicon Valley and on our product to retail analytics:

Video “Embark”

Embark Jonathan en TV‘Embark’ is a program on economics, business and entrepreneurship, directed and presented by Juanma Romero. Every week, the space makes a journey to meet different entrepreneurs and their projects.

‘Embark’ provides solutions that help undertake, ideas for new projects and useful information on the entire route that an entrepreneur has to do with its strengths and weaknesses. To reinforce the first or help solve the latter, the program provides different solutions.

Specialists in personal branding, digital marketing and emotions involved in ‘Embark’ to help find ways to take forward a project.

‘Embark’ has a clear vocation for public service. Want to cooperate within their means to job creation, contributing ideas to facilitate the creation of SMEs and micro-enterprises and generating jobs.