Convenience and Compassion, top consumer wants

Nowadays consumers are looking for convenience and a good customer service to engage with when they are in the store.

Customers polled don´t like to wait on hold for service and support. In fact, they equate waiting on hold with waiting in line at the local department of motor vehicles, according to a release on the findings. Many consumers said that they would pay to be moved ahead in the queue.

To make our consumers happy we need to have empathetic and compassionate customer service agents. Consumers interacting with such support are more likely to recommend a brand and express brand loyalty, according to the release.

Encountering an employee that listen and respond with empathy and kindness is a top five positive customer experience.

Becouse of that, it’s critical that businesses empower their customer-facing employees with the adequate tools, training and resources to handle customer requests and provide a more satisfying service experience.