Steve Dennis: “Brick & mortar stores will remain relevant. Vast majority of retail sales will be done in physical stores for many more years”

Today we speak with Steve Dennis, President of Sageberry Consulting & Forbes Contributor. Read more

Flame analytics, a Key Wi-Fi Analytics Market Player

The Wi-Fi analytics market size is expected to grow from USD 5.3 billion in 2019 to USD 16.8 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26.0% during the forecast period. Factors such as the increasing smartphone users and growing smart city deployment leading to rising public Wi-Fi hotspots are expected to fuel the market growth. However, the lack of standardized regulatory compliance worldwide is expected to restrain the market growth.

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5 tips to create a successful captive portal

Get more leads, and trust them as soon as they enter your point of sale. Read more

Meet Flame analytics and discover how it works the 27th of June

On Thursday, June 27 at 5 pm (CEST) we will show you what Flame is like in our Essential webinar. If you want to know our analytical and marketing solution, reserve your place now! Read more

Flame visits our American delegation in Miami

This week Flame´s team has visited Miami. We have come to the American continent to close some important commercial agreements and also to visit partners and customers. There we received by our General Manager, Esteban Tognini, who acted as a great host during our entire visit.
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Flame launches integration module with the main marketing platforms of the market

In Flame we premiere 🙂 We present our new integration module with the main marketing platforms of the market. From now on Flame includes integration Add-ons with Mailchimp, Boostcom, TripAdvisor, Twilio and Salesforce, among others.
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Customization comes to Zara and Retail experts give their opinion about this initiative

Customization comes to Zara and Retail experts give their opinion about this initiative. For some: a good idea… For others: it is late and it is not original… In what retail experts do agree is that, nowadays, being unique and different is necessary to add value, improve purchase experience and customers´ loyalty.

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Supermarkets´tricks: cold and hot areas

Psychologist M. Ángeles Molina says (and we agree) that “our behavior as consumers in supermarkets is studied by experts in marketing and psychology.” And this is so because the conclusions are translated into patterns that help supermarkets to organize better and to dispose their products. Read more

Hotel marketing, increasingly personalized thanks to technology

The future of marketing in the hotel sector no doubt involves personalization. In addition, other challenges would have to be added, such as the competitiveness of the sector, digitalization, consumer hyperconnectivity, technological expectations and the extraction of Big Data data in order to know the customer. Read more