The news “heat maps, the latest in marketing to meet your customers’ triumphs in social networks

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The news heat maps, the latest in marketing to meet your customers triumphs in social networks. Last week we published on the web and on the news heat maps, a story about the importance of knowing the consumer in the world of Marketing and how heat maps are trend to achieve that objective.

This news heat maps became the fifth most watched and most voted ranking performs MKFan. Also, in this particular page, our news was tweeted 70 times and shared on Facebook 2 times.

In the web SoloMarketing the news about Flame was 4 times shared on Facebook, 38 times on Twitter and 3 on Linkedin.

It is evident that Flame likes and interests.We are delighted!

As well known to those skilled in Marketing, today , know well the user has become one of the top when it comes to loyalty and retain customers. Something increasingly important for companies that have to excel in a very competitive landscape. And if you know your customers and their tastes, he and you go out benefit.

It is therefore important to keep track of consumers and analyze information that leaves behind , knowing how to react to our products or the answer is in front of our campaigns is essential to provide a continuous dialogue and suit your needs . Currently there are processes , which allow to check the efficiency of our actions and to provide information of value to improve and focus future actions.

Flame Retail Analytics, for example, is a software that provides the time a snapshot of what is hot and cold in your business , a tool that tracks the movements of your customers and they generate heat maps which helps you to understand better : what they like , what attracts them.



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