Flame measures visits for the second year at FITUR

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Flame at Fitur

With the help of Unitel-Sistemas de Telecomunicaciones, Flame was successfully installed at the Castilla La Mancha stand at the Madrid International Tourism Fair (Fitur) for the second year. Thanks to Flame, it was possible to count the influx of visitors, who visited the stand for the first time, those who repeated and the time they remained there.

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha sought to know in depth and in a professional way the number of visitors who were interested in its stand during the celebration of the 40th edition of the Fitur 2020 Fair that took place during the 22nd and 26th of January. Flame allowed them to collect visitor attendance statistics to a space with more than 1,300 square meters in which some of the most emblematic places in the region were recreated.

More than 200,000 people passed through the stand

Through Flame and, in particular, our Wi-Fi analytics solution, in addition to counting the number of people interested in the stand, they were also able to know other interesting information about the behavior of their visits, such as the number of people who passed in front of the stand but did not access it (passers-by), the time spent inside Castilla La Mancha stand or the rate of repetition or fidelity, that is, how many visits were new and how many repeated.





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