Marineda City Shopping Center, new client of Flame Analytics

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Marineda City trusts on Flame solutions for Shopping Centers

With an average of 17 million visitors a year, Marineda City, a leading shopping center in Galicia and the northwest of the peninsula, relies on Flame Analytics technology to measure the traffic in its space and learn about the behavior of its visitors, as well as to connect with them through proximity marketing.

Today we will tell you about a new success story of Flame in Shopping Centers.

Case Study – Marineda City

Marineda City uses Flame’s solutions to analyze the traffic (flow and perimeter count) in the center in general, as well as in all stores. Likewise, it has incorporated the analytics module by Zones (Customer Journey) thanks to which you can know the behavior of your visitors in the different zones that make up the center (movement flows, between zones, interactions, etc.) and analyze any change in their behavior, in order to adjust their strategies and action plans.

In addition, to connect with its customers like never before, it has opted for Engage, our marketing-campaign module, thanks to which Marineda’s marketing managers can now send more segmented and personalized communications to customers who require it.

Software for Shopping Malls

Discover our Traffic and Influx Analytics solutions for Shopping Centers. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve management and know the customer. Do like Marineda City, and get the most out of your shopping center. He does not think about any detail of what is happening.

At Flame we develop and implement analytics and digital marketing solutions that, thanks to big data and Artificial Intelligence, improve management and help the center learn about customer behavior.

  • Know and understand customer behavior.
  • Measure and improve the performance of the center.
  • Personalize the customer experience.



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