Marcello Leccese: “Offline retail is the premium experience that retailers can give to consumers”

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Interview about offline retail with Marcelo Leccese, from Pandora.

In this new entry in the interview section, we introduce you to Marcello Leccese, Retail Store Manager at Pandora. Today we speak with this professional from retail about the current situation that the sector is facing, focusing especially on offline retail. Marcello focuses on the importance of providing customers with the best shopping experience what involves investments on technology and a good after-sales program to keep clients loyal to the brand and satisfied with the service.

Stay here to enjoy this interesting talk with Marcello Leccese. Onward the interview!

Retail Interview – The offline retail business model

We start by assessing the current context of the retail sector. Will offline retail disappear?

I started my retail journey about 20 years ago, so I seen retail transformation around consumer’s needs. I think that all brands should give to consumer core position in theirs strategy, the offline retail is the premium experience that retailers can give to their consumers investing in technologies that can support them to align the service to modern consumer’s expectation.

Working in this way the offline retail still should have long life.

What are its defects and virtues in front of online retail?

I think that the contemporary retail stores offering the best shopping experience that the consumers can have; I worked in Nike for about 15 years and the company’s investments around physical stores have given solid results in terms of revenues growth and consumers’ approval.

The key of success is an omnichannel strategy with a unique loyalty program so the consumers can move theirs purchases from offline to online in a fast and easy way; with seamless strategy that involve all channels in a modern omnichannel, the retail can take advantage from both offline and online channels.

Pandora physical retail stores

What is the biggest problem or weakness that offline retail has to face?

Moving fast to anticipate consumers needs and expectation. I also believe that after-sales support is a very important service that offline retail should provide to keep consumers.

In the current context, what role does technology play in retail?

Technology is vital partner of retail, improving the daily operations, the knowledge that the team have about consumers needs, about product and service. Technology play, in the modern and future retail, a crucial role.

Highlight a current technology or innovation that you believe is setting a trend.

Thinking about technologies for operational tasks, RFID rock!!! For modern retailers that have to mange huge amounts of reference in the shop RFID is the best investment that a company can do.

What does it take for a store to work? Is there a magic recipe?

To remain agile in the new era all retailer should analyze their service model and invest in technologies that can modernize and simplify the work and service; Blockbuster Is an example of a Company’s failure that remain too distance to new needs of their consumers.

Contemporary retail stores offering the best shopping experience that the consumers can have.

How is customer loyalty achieved?

Offering a personalized service in the store, post selling assistance and intersting program that include exclusive special promo.

How do you see the future of retail?

The future is around the consumers, so the modern retail industries have to anticipate theirs needs, offering the best experience in the store when they came in. Omnichannel strategy is the best chose in the present and future retail.

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