Professionals call for a more digitized, omnichannel, personalized and innovative retail in 2021

Written by Flame

One more year at Flame analytics we wrote the letter to the Three Kings. As always, those who know the most about Retail help us in the task. What do the experts ask of 2021? Don’t miss our post.

Mirka Plasencia hopes that the new year will bring a more digitized and personalized retail, in which excellent customer service prevails, above all else.

Manuel Amat asks for normality and inspiration. Amat wants inspiring businesses and inspiring brands for a new year in which we must continue to learn and transmit confidence to our customers.

Like Mirla, Pedro Reig is committed to a more digitized and omnichannel sector. A cohesive sector where communication and relationships with customers are improved. Reig says that Retail is a business of people and human relations in which there is room for everyone: on and off, large and small.

The challenge in 2021 will be for customers to return

Salva Cayuela hopes that in the new year we become aware of reality and that we learn from experiences. It will be important to incorporate technology and innovation in businesses that favor the relationship with customers and their shopping experience.

Ignacio Sánchez is hopeful for a more beneficial 2021. Sánchez says that our clients are our greatest asset and, after this crisis, our greatest challenge is to make them come back.

Celestino Martínez does not feel sorry for firing this year and assures that he does so with enthusiasm. A year that, according to Martínez, has made things difficult for us. The positive part is that, for Celestino, now, after what we have experienced, we are stronger and better prepared, we have learned and we are going to work hard to continue being valuable to our clients.

Now, after the crises we have experienced, we are stronger and better prepared

Another who dismisses this 2020 without sadness is Manuel G. Cubedo who hopes that 2021 will be great. A new year in which, more than ever, we will have to work for the client, with the aim of achieving the greatest engagement. A 2021 in which, according to Cubedo, stores will have to move to an open channel model, with options, and they will have to open up to survive.

Tania Pareja asks for three things in the new year: collaboration, efficiency and data. Collaboration because 2021 is going to be difficult and we will have to look for synergies, partner, unite and find solutions. Efficiency for urban commerce that will have to make short and medium term plans with strategies. And data because it is the most important thing: the more information we have and the more we know about our clients, the better relationships we will build.

Digitization has become an unavoidable factor for the competitiveness of companies in the sector

And Marina Moya also speaks of urban commerce, who calls for greater prominence for neighborhood commerce, that the artisan, the sustainable and the made in Spain will be prioritized and that responsible and conscious consumption be the preferred choice.

Like Tania Pareja, Juan Carlos Guzman bets on the data in 2021, specifically, on the comprehensive management of the data. Guzman says that no one doubts nowadays that digitization has become an unavoidable factor for the competitiveness of companies in the sector. But, it clarifies that any application of technology will see its effectiveness, usefulness and impact on the business diminish without it being linked to a Government of data that offers us quality, integrity and trust. Second, Juan Carlos believes that this context is conducive to solutions that combine the physical and digital world to offer us a different customer experience.

From Flame analytics we hope that all your wishes are fulfilled. Thank you all for your collaboration and MERRY CHRISTMAS



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