Location analytics

Measure customers´ trip in your business. Know their journey from the moment they enter the store until they make a purchase

What is Location analytics

With location, you can measure customers´ trip in the store, from the moment they enter until they make a purchase. You will be able to know the most common trajectories, as well as the visits, the visit duration and also the conversion rate of the different store areas and categories. Our challenge is to find out what our customers want or need. So, it is necessary to know how they interact at the point of sale: what they see, what catches their attention, what attracts them, where they stop, etc.

Location analytics features


Know your customers´ most common trajectories.

Traffic and patterns

Analyse traffic and presence patterns (waiting times, loyalty, etc.) by zones.

Heat maps

Generate heat maps for large areas with wifi analytics and for small and medium areas with cameras.


Analyse specific areas (exhibitors, queues, etc) designing specific areas with Flame´s zoning tool.


Define occupation alarms by zones.

Correlation between areas

Discover the existing correlation between some areas and others.

Conversion rates

Integrate your sales and discover conversion rates by specific areas and product categories.

Measure traffic and activity

Know where your customers walk and in which specific areas they stop.


  • Enjoy the opportunity. With Location measure traffic by zones and areas, and find out how each of them perform.

  • More sales. Flame is able to generate occupancy alerts for specific areas so that your staff can take immediate action.

  • More loyalty. Know how many clients repeat in each zone or area and how many are new.

  • Validate your management and your actions plan with objective data. With Flame’s insights you will convert numbers into valuable information for your business.

  • More engagement. Measures engagement by zones and improve.

Location analytics for…

Large Retail



Shopping malls