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The people counter is a video analysis technology through which you can accurately determine how many visits your business has received within a specific time interval. This data, furthermore, can be compared with previous periods or campaigns, helping you to define strategies or implement new action plans.

Foot Traffic

People counters deliver accurate and dependable data that show the number of visitors entering your point of sale or a specific area over an hour, day, week, and beyond.

KPIs in Retail

Track visits in real-time, identify peak hours, as well as busiest days. This allows for more effective staff management, optimizing resources during peak times and reducing them when traffic is low.

Retail Insights

With the people counter, you can access key conversion metrics such as average ticket and sales per visit, enabling you to make informed management decisions based on objective data.

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Counting people has many advantages and benefits, but if you want to know your customers, their behavior, and their needs, you need to go further. There are a number of technologies that can help you achieve this.

Do you want to know how much time customers spend inside your store and their level of loyalty? Do you want to know the gender and age of the people who visit you? Do you want to improve your marketing plan and target a specific audience? Do you need to optimize the layout of your business but don’t know where to start? 

All of this is possible with:


Analyze internal traffic and assess customer interactions. Create heat maps to visualize and interpret behavior patterns.

Customer Flows

Identify the most frequent paths taken by customers and analyze the demographic patterns of their journeys.

Dwell Time

Measure the amount of time customers spend inside the establishment to better understand their engagement and behavior.


Identify the number of people who pass by your point of sale to better understand foot traffic and customer engagement.

Repetition Rate

Track and calculate the percentage of unique visits received. Determine the number of new versus repeat visits.


Monitor capacity in real time. Review historical visit data to identify and understand patterns of occupancy levels.


Continuously monitor the status of queues, including the number of people waiting and their expected wait times, in real time.

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Engage with your visitors by collecting their contact details, and launch personalized marketing campaigns.

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