Flame Insights

Powerful InStore Analytics to get to know visits behavior

  • Measure

    With Flame you can measure the performance of your physical spaces to get the most out of them. Get actionable insights on visitors.

  • Understand

    Flame helps you understand the behavior of your visits inside and outside your physical spaces.

  • Improve

    With Flame Insights you will get the best experience for your clients and your visits.


  • Flame is a cloud based solution with which you will get data in Real-time.

  • Overview custom reports for visits behavior inside and outside physical spaces.

  • Flame works seamlessly with supported enterprise cameras and wifi systems.

  • Easy remote setup. You will get started in minutes.

  • We offer an accurate location analysis. Discover where are your visits and what they do.

  • Flame integrates with your POS systems, CRM and other data.

  • You will obtain a detailed and custom reporting with unlimited history.

Flame Insights tools

Wifi analytics

Thanks to Wifi analytics it is possible to know how customers interact at the point of sale and to understand customers´ behaviour (loyalty, passers-by, visit duration and much more)

People Counters

People counters are systems that provide accurate and reliable data and that indicate the number of visitors that have entered the store or in a certain area in a specific period of time.

Location analytics

Discover how people move in and out of your physical spaces. Identify hot areas and cold spots and get a comprehensive circulation analysis of all your venues.


An occupancy estimator control system that allows you to configure the maximum number of people that can access a point of sale in order to regulate the access of new people.

Queue analytics

Thanks to Flame Insights´ queue analytics tool you will know how many customers there are waiting in the queues in real time and also, how long they take to be served. You will avoid rejection.


By combining different technologies, this tool can calculate the KPIs that a potential client generates, since they are passers-by until they become a client.


Find out if your customers are men or women and their age so that you can send them segmented and personalized campaings and improve their experience at your point of sale.

Asset tracking

Monitor how people and visits move within your physical space. Especially designed for large venues. For example, museums, university campuses and also factories.

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Real Plug & Play

Hire Flame Insights and start measuring at your points of sale, taking advantage of existing infrastructure and without installing new hardware.

Flame Analytics is the leading BigData and AI platform that helps transform and make physical spaces smarter with its omnichannel digital marketing and analytics tools.