Flame Traffic

Beyond People Counting

  • Measure

    Accurately measure the traffic of your physical spaces in real time.

  • Discover

    Number of visits by location, by premises, by plants and zones. Also measures occupancy and external traffic (Passers-by).

  • Improve

    With Traffic, you make the best decisions based on objective data.


  • Flame is agnostic in hardware and brands. It integrates with a large number of models and camera systems, among other devices.

  • Flame is complete and, being agnostic, the analytics that can be offered is broader (people counting, occupancy, plants and areas, passers-by, vehicles, etc.)

  • With Flame you don’t waste time. It’s Plug & Play, it is installed quickly and remotely and it is configured very easily.

  • Discover Flame’s powerful configurable and customized dashboards, with interactive graphs, tables and all the KPIs of your physical spaces in real time.

Flame Traffic tools

People Counters

People counters are systems that provide accurate and reliable data and that indicate the number of visitors that have entered the store or in a certain area in a specific period of time.


An occupancy estimator control system that allows you to configure the maximum number of people that can access a point of sale in order to regulate the access of new people.


Know the external traffic (number of passers-by) that your physical space has. Find out how your shop window is performing and the location of your business.

Zones and Floors

Analyze the traffic of your physical spaces by zones and floors in real time and find out how each of them performs.

Traffic Benefits

  • Optimize sales. Flame is capable of generating occupancy alerts for specific areas so that the staff can take immediate action.

  • Better experience. Avoid crowds and generate a satisfactory and safe experience. Manage the maximum flow of customers automatically and in real time.

  • Better promotions. Check the success of a specific promotion according to an increase in public attendance and optimize the promotion.

  • More opportunities. Measure your store’s traffic by zones or areas and find out how each of them performs.

  • More efficiency. Effectively manage your staff by defining the peak hours of your establishment and optimizing opening and closing times.

  • Higher conversion. Maximize the profitability of your point of sale. Measure conversion with high accuracy, improve your conversion rates and maximize the profitability and efficiency of your business.